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The Smart Home

We all strive to be smart and in control, do we not?  So why not have a home that is SMART and in control as well? With the new technology available out there, peace of mind is literally a touch of your phone away.  You can control multiple functions with a single key press.  This […]

Interest Rates- February 2017

Most people have heard the following phrases: “now is the time to buy” “interest rates are low, act now!” Take a look at the interest rates as provided by Wells Fargo and the National Home-Builders Association. Keep in mind that these change on a daily basis and most likely won’t be the same if you […]

Featured Home Design: The Nolin

Featured Home Design: The Nolin

Featured Home Design The Nolin Ranch Style – 1856 sq. ft. – 4 bedrooms/2.5 baths – Option A           The Nolin plan is named after beautiful Nolin River Lake, located in Edmonson, Grayson and Hart Counties, Kentucky.  The lake covers 5,800 acres, and what better place to watch the sunset over […]

February Special

Energy Smart Homes = Taylor Homes • Taylor Homes built-in energy efficiency saves you money on your utility bills. • Every Taylor home is built to Energy Smart standards and are inspected by a certified third-party professional energy specialist. • The lower the HERS index (Home Energy Rating System) the more energy efficient a home is – […]

Winter Driving Tips

We have gotten the first snowfall out of the way and it’s warmed up quite a bit, but that doesn’t mean it’s over. Snow may or may not be coming up within the next week and we should always be prepared – especially when driving. We have some tips for you when driving in the […]

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