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How To Create A Workout Plan for Couples

Do you ever glance at your current physique in the mirror and wonder what your significant other sees in you? Or, do you constantly hear your companion complaining about her figure (or lack thereof) or questioning you about yours? The answer to some of those body woes is simply getting up and doing something physical […]

Fire Safety In The Kitchen

Did you know that cooking fires are the #1 source of all home fires? Here’s some tips: – Limit distractions such as a computer, TV or phone – Keep a multipurpose fire extinguisher in a place with easy access – Never leave anything on the stove or under the broiler unattended – Maintain a 3-foot […]

Why Choose Brick

Highpoints from an article by the The Brick Industry Association.  1. Because genuine clay brick is made from natural materials. 2. Because authentic, brick has been proven for centuries 3. Because genuine clay brick offers superior protection over other wall cladding materials (ie, fire protection, high wind protection, superior moisture control) 4. Because brick looks […]

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