10 Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day At Home

February 11, 2021

Valentine’s Day is this Sunday! It’s not often the day of love falls on a weekend – take advantage of this day and make time to spend with your loved ones.

Here are 10 date ideas to enjoy at home!

Cook Together

There’s no need or reason to drop a fortune on a fancy dinner when you can purchase all the items yourself plus have quality time with your loved one making the food.

Plan A Themed Movie Night

Remember how fun it was to roam the nearby Blockbuster? Pick a theme whether it’s rom-com, thriller, comedy, or horror and plan the night around it! Bonus points if your snacks match the theme!

Take Care of A DIY Project

There’s most likely a project you’ve been putting off around the house – tackle the project together, blast music and have fun!

Have A Spa Day

Much of a cliché date, but a spa day is simple and romantic. All you need are some candles and oil and maybe watch a few videos on technique to make it more relaxing.

Do A Puzzle

If you have the patience, a puzzle on Valentine’s Day is for you! It’s a time-consuming task but is fun to work together on something and the feeling of accomplishment that follows. Get a love themed puzzle to fit the day.

Look at The Stars

Telescopes are no longer required to get your stargaze on. Plan an evening under the night sky with your partner and download an app (like SkyMap) to help you figure out what it is you’re looking at. Picking your favorite star and wishing upon it is mandatory, obviously.

Stage A Photo Shoot

Have fun with this and plan different outfits or themes for your photoshoot. You don’t need a professional to take amazing photos. Set up your phone with its timer and start posing. Fun and serious ones, of course.

Have A Picnic

Depending on the weather, have a picnic in your backyard – or even in your living room. Pack up picnic type foods, lay out a blanket and wine and dine each other. Light a scented candle and scatter some flower petals to create a park-like ambiance.

Have A Game Night

The traditional game night! Pull out all your favorite games, purchase a few news one you both have never played and spend the night with some friendly competition.

Go on A Hike          

This one is the only idea technically not at home, but the hike could be in your neighborhood or somewhere right down the street. Pack some snacks, gear up and enjoy the views.


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