The Building Process

The Taylor Homes construction process follows a checkpoint system built into every phase. A construction superintendent is assigned to your project and is responsible for overseeing each phase.

The construction team building your home will follow a logical, step-by-step process that has a natural flow. A quality checklist is also put in place to ensure strict quality standards are achieved.

Your superintendent will be the primary point of contact and make sure you are informed and involved every step of the way. The following overview is what you can expect during the construction process:


This initial meeting involves reviewing documents, finalizing several key decisions and confirming authorization to begin building.

The preconstruction phase will involve your sales person, superintendent, and Assistant Regional Manager or Regional Manager to review of your Taylor Home package. Together, you’ll verify the placement of the house, review the blueprints, many other documents, and find out what to expect during the building process. Once authorization has been issued, construction can begin. Your construction superintendent will remain your primary contact throughout the process.


This stage involves building the concrete structure that supports your entire house. Several factors determine when this can be done.

The time required to build a foundation varies on your city’s inspection codes, the weather conditions, and your geographic location. Soil conditions, integrity of the ground, government requirements, wind, and the size of the home are just a few of the other factors that need to be taken into consideration. Ultimately, the local building authorities determine the best foundation system for your home. The foundation crew will then pour the footer foundation and install the block foundation for crawl spaces or pour the foundation for basement foundations.


At this stage, the construction team will build the skeleton of your home using wood frames. Windows and fireplaces are placed in the frame.

Rough mechanicals

Air-conditioning, heating, ventilation, plumbing and electrical wiring are installed during this phase.

If you’ve opted for any special security systems, central vacuum or pre-wiring for your stereo and entertainment centers, installation also takes place at this point. Typically, your superintendent will invite you to the site for a “frame walk” or orientation to verify that all the options you selected are in place.

This is the midway point. The finish phase includes drywall, roofing, siding and all major interior and exterior surfaces.


The fun really begins at this phase. Everyday items and accessories are installed and give your new home character.

The construction team will be installing faucets and sinks, light switches, towel bars, door knobs, and all the small hardware you’ll be using on a daily basis.


Workers wait for this phase to install the flooring in the interest of protecting your carpets from boots, nails and dust.

Any minor adjustments also take place in the final phase. This includes window screens, drywall and paint touch ups.


This is the final walkthrough. You will meet with your superintendent and inspect the premises for approval.

At this point you will be able to list any remaining punch list items. Your superintendent will then make arrangements to have all remaining items completed. Once completed, your superintendent will invite you to the home to confirm the home is 100% complete. Upon your acceptance you are ready to move into your new Taylor home!

You also will be given your “Homeowner’s Warranty Handbook” which explains the particulars of your warranty coverage and some key notes on your new Taylor home.

Three-Year Warranty

At closing you will be provided a very helpful “Warranty Handbook”. In the event you have any warranty items, our customer service department will gladly contact you to address them.

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