Getting Started

Building your own home is exciting – but intimidating. We will guide you every step of the way. Before we can begin construction, there are a few things that must be addressed.

Purchasing A Lot

Taylor Homes are built on land you own. So if you do not already own a lot, you will eventually need to locate your lot and simply prepare it for building (see lot preparation below).
Find Available Land

Consider Lot Preparation

This may include septic, water, construction driveway and electric but we’ll guide you every step of the way. If you contact the Health Department, they will be able to provide names/companies that install septic systems. These companies will often grade and gravel the construction driveway as well. For your convenience, an outside work package is now offered by Taylor Homes. It covers much of the work needed for lot preparation. A sales consultant can explain the details.

Consider a Floor Plan

Taylor Homes has over 100 FLEXIBLE designs. We can assist you with choosing the right floor plan for your family. If you already have land, we’ll show you several plans that will fit your building site.  If you don’t have the land yet, we can help you choose a plan that suits you, then you can find a lot that fits your plan. Either way…we can help! Here are a few things you should consider:

1) How Much to Invest?

To arrive at this figure, simply take out the cost of the land and the cost of lot improvements, the remaining balance equals the purchase price of your home.

Taylor Homes financing solutions 

2) How Much Space?

Taylor Homes offers a variety of square footage options, as well as plans with 3-4 bedrooms and 2-3.5 bathrooms.

3) What Style?

Taylor Homes also offers a variety of ranch, cape cod and two-story homes. Each offers a unique style that may be more appealing over another, but square footage needs will help you narrow down the numerous choices.

4) How is it Configured?

The home layout varies with every floor plan. Some feature open spaces with connecting rooms. Others are more divided to offer added privacy. Review floor plans carefully to find the configuration that fits your family’s lifestyle.

View Taylor Homes Models & Floor Plans 

Begin the home buying process

Once you have secured your lot and considered lot preparation and floor plan options, you are ready to begin the home buying process. To give you an idea of what to expect, we have divided it into two simple stages:

Stage One: Getting Started

  • Meet with a Taylor Homes professional to discuss your needs and house style desires.
  • Sign your Sales Agreement, Homeowners Responsibility checklist, Other Addendums, and plans (Contract Packet). Provide a map and a deposit earnest money.
  • Your contract packet will be submitted to our corporate office in Louisville the following Tuesday.
  • A copy of your accepted contract will be returned to you along with one set of signed plans. Additional copies of plans are available through our construction office.
  • If you modify the plans to suit your needs, your plans will require redrawing. The redrawn plans will be submitted for your review and approval.
  • Arrange your construction financing and builder’s risk insurance, obtain all necessary permits*, prepare the job site, and install the temporary driveway and utilities. It is in your best interest to close your loan as close to the completion of the lot preparation as possible.
  • Provide all required documents to your sales representative. He or she will submit them to the regional office and request your pre-construction meeting.

*We will assist you in obtaining your permits – no charge.

Stage Two: Pre-release

  1. We will contact you to arrange the Pre-Construction Meeting. This will be scheduled within approximately one week.
  2. The Pre-Construction Meeting will take place at your building lot. You and your Sales Representative will meet with your Construction Representative(s). They will review the pre-staked corners of the house as determined by you and/or your surveyor. Lastly, if not predetermined, they’ll establish the elevation of your new home to your liking and determine if the site is ready to begin construction.  It’s about to get really exciting!

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