10 Pokémon Go Finder Tips

July 29, 2016

Pokémon Go has taken the world by storm and Louisville is no different. We have some tips on how to find the best Pokémon and how to advance the game while having fun. You haven’t truly bonded with your friends until you’ve gone Pokémon Go hunting together.

1. Go in a group – Pokémon Go hunting is lot more fun when you aren’t just driving around aimlessly by yourself. Get some friends together, get out of the car, and have some fun. Remember the point of the eggs is to get out and walk. Some Pokémon are seen more often at night or in the city, so traveling with a group is much safer as well.

2. Explore new places – Searching for Pokémon is a great excuse to check out new places you haven’t explored before. Parks are an excellent place to not only find Pokémon, but to explore and see new sites. You may even have the opportunity to learn more about your states history at some of the local parks and attractions. Since playing Pokémon we have explored Locust Grove, the historical home of George Rogers Clark, Bernheim Forrest, and other attractions.

3. Use online tools – Websites such as PokeVision.com to find out a good place to go searching. The site gives you real time locations of Pokémon so that if there is one you want in particular you can try to go catch it.

4. Go to local events – Many locations will have Pokémon gatherings that attract larger crowds. It is believed that the Pokémon gather in high population areas so businesses are having PokéNights where they are inviting large crowds of Pokémon seekers. The Louisville Zoo had a very successful Pokémon Sunday a few weeks ago and there have been several gatherings in downtown Louisville at places like the waterfront plaza and the walking bridge.

5. Learn how to best work the game – If you want make advances in the game quickly or if you are running low on PokéBalls, find a location that has several PokéStops together. Use your Lure to attract Pokémon and as you wait you can spin the PokéStops to fill up on balls, potions, and if you are lucky more eggs.

6. Don’t disregard the common Pokémon like the Rattata’s and the Pidgey’s just because you’ve had all you can stand of those. Collect those and then turn on your Lucky Egg and start evolving all of those. The lucky egg gives you 2x the XP points, so this is a great way to move up a level with minimal effort.

7. If you are going to actually spend real money on the game, then do it with Incubators. You can use an incubator three times, so hatch those 10k eggs. Not always, but generally you have a better chance of getting a rare Pokemon with a 10k egg, than a 2k egg.

8. Save your start dust until you get to lvl 20 and up. Dust is valuable and the higher level you are, the higher level Pokemon you’ll catch out in the wild. That level 600 Snorlax may be tempting to power up at level 10 but a level 1700 Snorlax at level 20 is much more valuable.

9. Instead of evolving your start Pokémon Go (Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle) as soon as you get 25 candies, save them and wait until you get 125 candies and can do all the evolutions at once. Evolving your level 10 Charmander may be tempting now but by the time you get the other 100 candies for Charizard, more than likely you will have found a level 400-500 Charmander, making that Charizard you evolve much much stronger.

10. Never play Pokémon Go and drive! Have a friend ride along with you and have him focus on your phone. Don’t forget to navigate using the pokevision.com website to find the hotspots of Pokémon.

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