Building a home is an exciting and challenging time. Like any big project, there are things that happen along the way that cause homeowners to wish they knew a little more before they started down this road. Some are things that get forgotten. Some are just overlooked. Here are ten things to know before building a house. Some of these are more practical (what to have in the house) and some are about the process in general.



  1. Understand      that this can sometimes be a longer process than you anticipate. Be prepared      for glitches and changes to the initial plan.
  2. Communicate      as much as possible with the builder and the contractor.
  3. Limit      your expectations for moving and have a flexible attitude. Many factors      can slow this process down, and it is helpful to understand that.
  4. Know      what you want at the front end so when last minute decisions are needed      you aren’t scrambling for an answer.
  5. Pre-wire      a security system. You might not think you want a security system right      now, but this will save you a lot of time and energy in the future.
  6. Install      electrical outlets on every wall and install cable/internet plugs in every      room. This saves time from having to do it in the future.
  7. Make      sure you have outdoor power for doing outdoor work like yard work and      cleaning the cars, and on the back porch for entertaining.
  8. A      walk-in pantry saves cupboard space and gives more storage in the kitchen.
  9. Radiating      heat along the floors helps keep the house warm in the winter.
  10. Run a      natural gas plug on the back porch for a grill. This will save on buying      propane tanks.


Building a home is filled with a myriad of decisions and many times, stress. Our goal is to help eliminate your stress so you can enjoy this process and ultimately enjoy your new home.


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