10 Things To Do with Dad for Father’s Day | Taylor Homes

June 17, 2021


Give your dad a reason to smile this Father’s Day by spending some quality time with him!

Below are 10 things you can do together.

Family game night.

Pull out the board games and have a friendly (or not so friendly) challenge. 

Does he like strategy board games or classic board games? See who flips over the board first.


Get out in the water and catch some fish while you get some one-on-one time with your dad. What could be a better time to tell him all of your corny dad jokes and talk about life?


Take your dad out to your backyard or a park and grill some delicious meat and veggies. Let The Grill Master teach you his ways.


Who’s your caddy? Keep your dad happy and relaxed with a game of golf and have the best Father’s Day by par.

Beer tasting.

Invite him to a local beer tasting event and sip a couple brews with him. You could even send him home with a few of the day’s best drinks.

Breakfast in bed.

Make your dad feel special by bringing him his favorite breakfast foods in bed. He will begin his day off with a great start!


Pack some smores, hot dogs, and a tent. Spend a weekend enjoying the great outdoors for a surefire way to bond with your dad.

Visit a museum.

Now that more and more museums are reopening, take him for a day trip to that history museum he’s been talking about.

Watch a movie.

Pop some popcorn, buy some candy, and settle in for movie night. Surprise your dad with a movie from his favorite genre.

Build something/ DIY project.

Put your heads together and tackle a project as a team. Whether it’s a birdhouse or a greenhouse, the possibilities are endless.

Happy Father’s Day from the Taylor Homes Team!

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