4 Secrets of Healthy People

January 14, 2016

This is the time of year when people start to take a look at their health habits and decide to make a change. Did you know that after the first month of the resolution 36% of those that made the resolutions abandon them?

The key to sustaining changes for the long haul have to do with making small changes along the way that you can live with. Without further adieu we bring to you 6 Secrets of Healthy People.

1. Be consistent with your sleeping schedule.
This one can be a hard sell because there is something very appealing about going to bed later and waking up without an alarm clock on the weekends. These changes in times can be very hard for your body to adjust to, potentially causing long term sleep issues.

2. Get writing.
The people who are healthiest consistently write in their journal. Getting the days events off of your mind and on to paper help your mind to slow down and effectively process the things that have happened during the day.

3. Eat a healthy breakfast!
Everyone knows this fact but not all of us really take it to heart and follow it. Drinking a cup of coffee does not a breakfast make.

4. Make a weekly meal plan, and stick to it.
Being able to map out your meals and stick with that plan is a huge thing! Even bigger still is not giving in to the peer pressure of grabbing a bite to eat with your coworkers. Sticking with the meals that you prepare will not only help with your waist line but also your wallet!

With these manageable changes you will start seeing big differences, just as long as you stick with them!

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