5 Easy Landscaping Ideas for Your Spring Yard

April 22, 2021

As the weather warms up and new blooms fill our yards, it’s time to enjoy an outdoor project or two. These 5 landscaping ideas for your yard can a refreshed look!

A Flowering Vine

Flowering Vine

Flowering vines add color and interest to your yard, and there are many possibilities to consider. Before making your selection, do a little bit of research and select the one best for you. Vines can be a lot of up keep and you will have to keep it in check.

A Sculptural Plant

A Sculptural Plant

If you’re a fan of modern landscaping, you just might appreciate a plant that adds height, drama, and a sculptural quality to your yard. One of our favorites is the snake plant. This plant is perfect for placing in front of a wall, or on either side of the front door for a big statement.

A Cascading Ground Cover

Cascading Ground Cover

Just as sculptural plants can add height, cascading plants add another level of landscaping beauty to your yard. Cascading plants work well when planted directly into the ground, or you can feature them in your favorite pots and planters (even in combination with other plants).

Tidy Trees

Tidy Trees

This next task isn’t nearly as much fun as the plant suggestions above. Yet it’s a necessity. Yes, we’re talking about trimming your trees! Have trees and bushes obstructed the walkways in your yard or front windows? Trim your trees for a new look.

Native Plants

Native Plants

For a true low-maintenance landscaping option, go with native plants. They require little care, often eliminating the need for regular watering or extra protection in the winter. A quick internet search should provide you with plenty of native options for your region.

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