5 Easy Ways to Decorate Your Porch This Halloween

October 1, 2020

Happy October! Halloween is now officially 30 days away, take advantage of the time and get decorating. We have 5 easy, do it yourself ideas to decorate your front porch!

Bat Cutouts



You can purchase bat silhouettes or print a bat cutout and get a bit crafty. Place them around your door (and even around your windows). 100 or 10, make the bats come alive!





Styrofoam Spiders



Spiders, oh my! Purchase styrofoam balls and pipe cleaners from any craft store – it’s that simple. This decoration may not be able to stay outside (or they’ll blow away), but place them on your porch throughout the day or just leading up to Halloween.




Lifesize Skeletons



So simple, yet so fun – create a scene with skeletons and an exciting story to go along with it. You could even switch it up once or twice before Halloween to spice things up.





Bloody Mat


What better way to welcome your guests than with a bloody hand and foot print mat! Add some wording of your favorite Halloween quote/saying, more blood (paint) splatter, more hands and feet, maybe even paw prints – make it unique to you and your family!



Mummy Door



You may want something more durable than toilet paper, but it will still get the job done – make a mummy door! Not everything has to be spooky or bloody – this idea is fun for everyone, especially the little ones who might be afraid of typical Halloween decorations. There are so many other crafty door ideas also, so get creative!



Have fun this Halloween with all the décor and make it a family event – get the materials and spend the day decorating the porch!

Happy Halloween from the Taylor Homes Team!

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