7 Ways to Honor and Support Veterans Today

November 11, 2021

Veterans Day is a day to celebrate and honor veterans for the sacrifice they’ve made to protect Americans. As of this year, there are around 19 million veterans in the United States. Veterans can face many challenges when they get back home including unemployment, homelessness, disability, mental health issues and more. This Veterans Day, find a way to honor and help veterans in your community. Keep reading to see our ideas on how you can show your support.

Donate to a Local Veterans Organization.

The best way you can support veterans is by donating any extra food, clothes, or household items you may have to local veterans organizations. Contact them to find out what specific items they are requesting first. Of course, you can also choose to provide financial assistance to these organizations if you choose. 

Here are some organizations you can donate to:

Fly Your American Flag.

Make the extra effort by flying an American flag outside your home. Of course, we should be mindful of correctly displaying the American flag. Practice proper etiquette beforehand and keep it flying well past November. 

Volunteer at a VA Hospital.

Even if you don’t have any items to donate, you can still help by donating your time to a VA Hospital. Show your appreciation by taking the time to care for the health needs of your local veterans. 

Listen to Their Stories.

If they are comfortable, ask them to share a memory with you. Veterans have first-person accounts of history and may want to share their experiences. Make sure to ask if they are okay with talking about difficult topics beforehand. If they aren’t okay with that, ask them to tell you about their favorite memories. Listen with your full attention so you can remember their words for years to come. 

Help Them with Household Chores.

Help them fix up their house by raking leaves, or offer to pick up their groceries for them. If you have any handy skills, offer them to a veteran in need. If you aren’t particularly handy, you can also offer money or materials. These simple acts of kindness can go a long way in making them feel appreciated. 

Shop at a Veteran Owned Business.

If you know a veteran who owns a small business, stop by and show them how much you appreciate their products or services. 

Say Thanks with a Note or Care Package.

Sending a written, handmade thank you card or a care package is a thoughtful way to celebrate a veteran. You can send them on your own or through an organization such as Operation Gratitude or Soldiers’ Angels that connect families with those serving currently overseas. 

We Recognize Veterans Here at Taylor Homes.

Taylor Homes definitely likes to recognize the men and women in our military who give selflessly to our country. That’s why we created our “We Salute You” discount. We are offering a discount of $1,000 off the base price of a new Taylor home. This is in addition to any other promotions we may be offering!

This discount is only available to active or retired military personnel. (Please contact a Taylor Homes New Home Consultant if you have questions about whether you qualify).

The Taylor Homes Team truly appreciates your commitment to our country and the sacrifices you make. We would love to “give back” by helping you into a new home with a free $1,000 discount!  It’s our way of saying THANKS!

We hope everyone has a wonderful Veterans Day weekend, and we celebrate and honor all of the men and women who have served this country.

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