April 2022 Interest Rates

April 14, 2022

April 2022 Interest Rates Img April 2022 Interest Rates

Taylor Homes knows that working with professionals is the best way to ensure the quality of our business. That’s why we work with other experts that help us to better the experience for our customers. We know these details can be a difficult and intimidating process of building your dream home – that’s why we have readily available contacts to help you through these decisions.

See the following update for April from mortgage and real estate expert, Diane Hance. Pay close attention, as these updates are directly related to how building your home sooner, rather than later, could be the best move for you!

“The interest rate landscape has changed significantly in 2022. In fact, mortgage markets are experiencing the biggest sell-off since 2003. This is a time of uncertainty and volatility for interest rates which have risen over a point this year. Inflation is the primary driving factor along with the war in Ukraine’s impact on financial markets. Mortgage markets have moved so swiftly there has been little time for stabilization. A risk for higher rates still exists with the Fed announcing several more hikes this year. We must be prudent in our approach while simultaneously moving swiftly to analyze turn times and rate locks. 

Premier Bank’s ability to lend with in house products presents a strong advantage as we attempt to provide some security as we work through these uncertain, fast-changing times. As always, in this type of market loan options become tantamount to interest rates providing the consumer with more opportunities to achieve their goal of homeownership. 

Premier Bank shines in present conditions as an established institution with portfolio lending and experienced professionals which is similar in profile to Taylor Homes. Consumers should choose their partners wisely and pair with expert level professionals and institutions that have demonstrated staying power over time. Experience matters! We don’t have to act like we’ve been here before because we have and the knowledge and experience gained allow us to serve the customer as their trusted partner.”

Diane Hance

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