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August 9, 2019

It’s that time of year again – when kids get up early to get on the school bus and start their school day! While the heat of summer was a wonderful break, it’s time to send them back to school for the rest of the year. Adjusting from the long summer days to going back to school can be a doozey for kids! So, here’s some great back-to-school tips from HealthyChildren.org.

1. Preparing for Change: Going back to school can bring on some nervousness or stress for children. If this is the case, try rehearsing the first day of school with your children to show them it won’t be so bad!

2. Remind Them of the Positive: Remind them that they are going to see friends that maybe they haven’t seen over the summer! Not to mention, they will be able to make new friends this school year.

3. School Supply Shopping: Going school supply shopping can be a great way to get jazzed about going back to school. From the customized backpacks to their notebooks and pencils – back to school shopping can get them in the mood for a fresh start to learning!

4. Pack an Awesome Lunch: Try packing them their favorite lunch on the first day of school, After all, there’s no place that tastes like home!

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