Benefits of an Energy Smart Home

August 24, 2017

During these hot and muggy summer months, you may have noticed that your energy and electricity bills have been a little higher than you would like. It takes a lot of energy to keep homes cool during this time of the year, thus raising the cost of your energy bills. Taylor Homes has made it a mission to build more and more energy efficient homes that are built in line with Energy Smart guidelines. On average, a home built following these guidelines uses 50% less energy than older existing homes and 15% less energy than standard new homes.

Energy Efficient homes are measured using the RESNET HERS index. HERS stands for Home Energy Rating System. This system was developed by RESNET and is the nationally recognized system for inspecting and calculating a home’s energy performance. Essentially, the lower the HERS index the more energy efficient a home is. A standard new home has a rating of 100 out of 150 on the HERS index, while a new Taylor Home has a rating of 65 out of 150.

If you’re a new home buyer and are thinking about building with Taylor Homes, you’re in luck. Building an energy efficient home requires no extra costs, as it is a standard feature here at Taylor Homes. Your home will be more affordable to maintain and have a higher value than a standard home. You can also have peace of mind knowing that your home is fully inspected by a nationally certified third-party professional energy specialist after it is built. By choosing an energy efficient home you will start spending less on energy bills and have more money in your pocket for things that you and your family enjoy.

For more information on our Energy Smart Qualified Homes, visit https://www.taylorhomes.com/energy-smart-qualified-homes.

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