Big Green Egg Review

June 28, 2018

Big Green Egg Review UnnamedStop to smell the roses… or the barbecue. 

If you’ve been thinking about upping your outdoor cooking game this summer, consider a Big Green Egg. Different than a grill, the Egg provides an opportunity for slow cooking whether using direct or indirect heat.

Recently, one of our team members made (beef) ribs on the egg. Using the plate setter to make sure we were on indirect heat, she seasoned with Borsari, salt and pepper. The grill was heated to about 350 and she cooked those ribs only about 45 minutes, and then an additional 15 minutes with barbecue sauce basted. Were they delicious? Yes, and tender and moist and the kind of meal you want to make again and again.

Why make them on an egg versus a grill? And does a homeowner really need both? In a perfect world, we say yes, you need both.

The grill is great for cooking dinner on the fly – fire it up, throw on some burgers and – voila! – dinner is ready. Need to make a healthy dinner on a school night? Grilled chicken on the grill is an easy go-to.

But… on a Sunday afternoon when you’ve got guests and the only thing on the agenda is to watch a game, we say go slow. For those of us using them, what the Big Green Egg has taught us is to slow down, take our time, enjoy the moment. Sure, on a Tuesday night we’ve all go work to do, practice to attend, bills to pay. But on the weekend, take some time to enjoy your family, to savor the food you eat and the time around the family with those about whom you care.

Burgers are great on the Egg, but they can take up to three times to cook your food, in our experience. They’re worth the wait for that hickory-smoked taste – that non-rushed, stop-and-smell-the-roses kind of experience.

So plan it out, do your shopping early and make an event out of it. Enjoy that back patio you’ve put on your home. Grab something cold to drink, toast to your family and friends and don’t eat until the lightning bugs join you.

Relish the summer. As they say, the days go slowly but he years fly by. Don’t rush it.

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