Black Friday and Cyber Monday Tips

November 26, 2014

Black FirdayMany people wait to start their holiday shopping for the occasions like Black Friday and Cyber Monday when the deals are the best. It is also important to protect yourself in the wake of seeing nothing but good deals.

Many of these tips are common sense but if you are anything like me, when you see a good deal it is easy to forget the things you know to be true.

* If you are shopping online make sure it is from a site that you trust. This isn’t to say that you always have to shop at amazon, but if you haven’t ever heard of one of the smaller sites why take a risk with the item that you just had to have?

* It is also a smart idea to look up on ripoffreport.com to see if there are any scams reported on a site you are thinking of shopping with.

* Make sure you keep track of all of the purchases that you make. Just in case something suspicious does show up on your bill you will know exactly what you have spent and with whom.

* It never hurts to go pre-shopping, to make sure that you really are getting the best advertised price and that the item is really something that you want and not just getting because of the killer price.

* If a big ticket item is on your list then facing the crowds might just be worth it.


Have fun and score some good deals, just remember that Tickle Me Elmo isn’t worth going to jail for.

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