Celebrating Super Bowl Safely During COVID

February 4, 2021

Chiefs VS Buccaneers – Mahomes VS Brady – Super Bowl 2021! However, it’s still not all fun and games trying to navigate COVID and a Super Bowl party.

Watching the Super Bowl might look different this year thanks to the pandemic, with football fans opting for virtual celebrations instead of houses packed with guests chowing down on snacks.

There’s still time to plan a fun game day event – the big game is Sunday, Feb. 7 at 6:30 p.m. ET in Tampa.

Get the man cave (or she shed) decorated! Have fun in other ways than having a large group of people over – deck out with football décor and host your friends virtually. Best decorations win a dinner paid for by the others, or something fun!

Though we can’t celebrate with a large group, have fun hosting a party with your family and enjoy the quality time with a reason to celebrate and decorate!

Here are a few decoration ideas!

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Use green options to replicate turf and black streamers to replicate the ref’s jerseys.

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Buy wooden letters and have fun decorating how you want! Paint your favorite team colors, turf, end field, etc.

Celebrating Super Bowl Safely During Covid Super Bawl Party Ideas For A Bar Score Table








Create a score board and update as points are scored!

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A bit more challenging, but a field rug with green fabric and white tape used for the lines and numbers.

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