Cooking for Two

April 5, 2013

Weekend Cooking Projects for Now and Later

If you like to cook, spending part of your weekend on cooking projects can be fun – and an efficient way to make weeknight cooking easier. Make a few sauces and other basic ingredients to use during the week, or even make entire meals to freeze for later. Weekends can also be a great opportunity to make those recipes that require a little extra time and effort – so indulge a little!

Ingredients to Make: Taking some time on the weekend to make sauces, stock and other “building blocks” can mean quicker, easier dinners during the week. Click here, then the “weekend cooking” tabĀ for recipes…

Freezable Dinners and Dishes: Even if you are cooking just for two, sometimes it’s a good idea to make extra servings so you can save a batch for later. Not all dishes freeze well, but when they do, consider doubling the recipe and you’ll have a second dinner ready to go in the future. (Just remember to package in single or double servings and label your food before freezing). These are all great candidates for the freezer (click here), then the “Weekend Cooking” tab.

Special-Occasion Receipes: These recipes take some time, effort and (in some cases) skill to make, so they’re perfect for weekends and days off when you’ve got extra time and want to cook something special. Click here, then the “Weekend Cooking” tab.

(by Janet A. Zimmerman, about.how guide)


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