Derby Party Ideas: Food, Drinks and Fun, Oh my!

April 25, 2017

Derby Party Ideas!

Well, once again here in Kentucky it is the most wonderful time of the year! Derby Time, of course! If you you aren’t headed to Churchill Downs in your finest May outfit then chances are you are attending a party or hosting one yourself! It is getting to be crunch time for planning, but don’t fear we have you covered.

Drink Ideas:

Oaks Lilly

I know that I might hear some boos in the crowd for this suggestion but I don’t love the Mint Julep. I am more of an Oak’s Lilly Fan. They are so pretty and tasty! Here is a great recipe in a super cute mason jar! If you absolutely have to have a Mint Julep, here is a recipe for you to try.

The Menu:


The Hot Brown is the crown jewel of Kentucky cuisine, but they can get a little messy. This party version is sure to satisfy everyone’s craving for the classic dish but will keep everyone one’s Derby best clean!

Next up on the list is a personal favorite, Benedictine Sandwiches, on white bread with crusts off of course! Here is a fantastic recipe for this Kentucky staple.

Derby Pie Bits

Last but certainly not least is dessert! A Kentucky Nut Pie is super awesome, these bites are perfect! There are recipes for the full size pie but these are dainty and cute! Here is the recipe! Or if you want the original, save some time and buy a Derby-PieĀ® from Kern’s Kitchen, which are available for purchase at most area grocery stores.

No matter what you decide to do to celebrate your the Kentucky Derby, it is bound to be a fun time!

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