7 Wickedly Easy DIY Halloween Decorations 2021

October 21, 2021

Happy Halloween From Taylor Homes

Enhance your haunted house with these spooky Halloween decoration ideas! These are easy, affordable decorations that you can use from items you probably already have lying around the house. Grab your family, some supplies, and get your creative juices flowing! Keep reading to see our DIY ideas for scream-worthy decorations.

  1. Let candles drip. If you have any taper candles, all you have to do is light them and let the wax drip freely. This will add a creepy feeling to your home. You can even put them in painted black wine bottles for an added spooky effect.
  2. Craft a pumpkin topiary. Carve, and/or paint pumpkins to place on top of each other in a basket filled with hay to place on your porch. You can even give them funny and scary faces.
  3. Hang a spider web. You can add LED lights to make it light up for an even spookier effect. For this craft, you will use yarn and rope scissors and tape. Add some homemade or store bought spiders to the web and you are all set!
  4. Make a mummy throw pillow. Get a light colored pillow, some white fabric ripped into long strips, and some fabric glue. Wrap the pillow with the fabric like a bandage, and glue the fabric down. Add some felt or googly eyes and now you have a cute and creepy pillow!
  5. Cut out paper bats. For this craft all you’ll need is black paper or felt, scissors, and glue dots. Trace the outline of your bats using a template like this, cut them out, and voila! You’ll have freaky flying bats in no time!  Frame a doorway with your cutout for a simple, but fun halloween vibe at home.
  6. Lace ghosts. These ghosts are a pretty but haunting addition to an entryway or even a tree. Make your own fun little ghost family using foam balls, lace fabric, black sewing pins, a tapestry needle, and yarn or twine.
  7. Pipe cleaner spider garland. This adorable, fuzzy garland can be made of pipe cleaners, twine or string, and a darning needle. First, you will bend four pipe cleaners in half, then make the body of your spider by bending the top about an inch and twist the pipe cleaners together. Start separating the legs now and bend each one however you like. Next, use your darning needle to thread through the body and push the string through. Repeat for each spider!

Hopefully, you are feeling inspired to make your home frightful this Halloween. Good luck, and let us know what spooky ideas you come up with. Happy Halloween from your friends at Taylor Homes!

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