Employee Spotlight: Beth Kelley

April 11, 2024

Taylor Homes is pleased to recognize the exceptional work of our dedicated team members who contribute to our success. Today, we would like to highlight the outstanding achievements of Beth Kelley, one of our awesome employees. Beth Kelley is the current recipient of Taylor Home’s Overachiever Award and she is an important addition to our team! 

Beth’s Background

Beth grew up in Indiana. She has 2 degrees from Indiana University and was a school counselor for several years after graduating from IU. She was also a chocolatier for seven years immediately before she began working at Talor Homes. 

Her Role at Taylor Homes

Her day-to-day responsibilities include following up with potential customers by phone and email. She gets to welcome guests to Taylor Home’s model home in Indianapolis and give them a tour of all the fun standards and options displayed. She also schedules appointments, helps families select the exterior and interior finishes for their homes, keeps the model home maintained, and helps the Indy production team sign up subcontractors. 

Beth’s favorite part of her job is seeing the plans that Stephanie and her customers come up with. They’re so creative and she loves seeing the prints for the exterior and floor plan layouts they create! Beth loves all the beautiful brick options we have for our customers – the Beale Street Select and the Vintage Port bricks are her current favorites and her two current preferred floorplans are the Nolin and the Williamson. 

Beth’s Hobbies 

Beth loves hanging out with her family! She loves spending time with her husband, her two fabulous kids, her parents, her brothers, and her entire extended family! They always end up having a great time when they’re all together. She also is very musically inclined – she loves to sing, and she plays the clarinet and piano. She rings handbells at church, knits, and crochets. She makes quilts and likes to read (her favorite genre is mystery). 

More about Beth

Beth’s dream places she wishes to travel to are Santorini, Greece, and Orban, Scotland. Her favorite food is cereal and toast with a cup of Darjeeling tea and her favorite restaurant is either the Italian House in Westfield, IN, or Thai Nine in Carmel, Indiana. 

She has 2 senior dogs, Reggie and Rey. One is the sweetest, best Jack Russell/beagle in the whole world, and the other is a Chiweenie (chihuahua/dachshund) who lacks all sense of self-awareness. She also has a sleek and beautiful black cat called Rob

ie, named after John Robie the Cat, Cary Grant’s character in the Hitchcock classic, To Catch a Thief. She didn’t know she could love pets as much as she loved these three!

Beth’s favorite quality about herself is that she is an optimist. She usually has a positive way of looking at things, and if it’s hard to find the positive in something, she’ll often look for the humorous side of a situation. She is introverted – not shy – and is very patient.

She has memories of seeing her grandpa, who was an architect and homebuilder, drawing up blueprints by hand at his drafting table in the basement of their home. She sometimes wonders what he would think of her working in the homebuilding industry. If she could go back in time and alter the course of her career, she would have either studied geology or tried to figure out how to become a studio voice-over actor and narrator of audiobooks.

Beth taught both of her kids to drive when they were teens. She highly recommends it. It was great! She knows some people think it’s going to be terrible or scary, but it was one of her favorite parts of parenting!

Our family at Taylor Homes is incredibly fortunate to have Beth as a valuable team member! She is an exceptional friend and employee, and we are thrilled to witness her continued success and growth within our industry.

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