How to be Energy Smart for the Winter

January 12, 2017

Though the official start date of winter has come and gone, we all want to know the best ways to save money for the months to come. “Don’t touch the thermostat” “Put on layers of clothes” “Turn your heater on” These are common phrases in most households during the months of November to about March, because we all know it’s not fun when that electricity bills starts to rise. So here are 4 tips to help save some money in your home.

Seal Leaks
Check for air leaks around any door and window. If you feel the cold coming in or even see light through the cracks, it could mean bad news. Seal those up fast with a home kit from your local improvement store. All of your heat is easily seeping out and this first step could be done very quickly.

Use Window Coverings
Windows that allow heat to escape can be prevented with window coverings such as curtains, hot-air-sealed plastic or insulated shades. The coverings need to stay on at least overnight when it is the coldest outside. However, open up the coverings during the day to allow the natural light and sun to heat up any room.

Use Ceiling Fans
Strange right? You want to conserve heat, but we’re telling you to use ceiling fans? Ceiling fans push down and circulate rising warm air. Helpful tip: In the winter, ceiling fans should rotate clockwise and counter-clockwise in the summer.

Change Filters Monthly
Changing air filters once a month helps ensure your air stays clean and also bolster efficiency.

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