FAMILY REUNION TIME! Why not take the initiative and get the ball rolling?

May 13, 2014

As we know, days and years absolutely fly by and time spent with Family should be Priority #1.

Here are 5 basic pointers for a Great Family Reunion:


  1. When:

The most important date is to just pick one to get started. Get a consensus from family members of what date works best for the majority. Then fine tune it as years go by. It’s best to have it the same day each year so it becomes consistent and easy to remember. I.e. Memorial Day Weekend!

  1. Where:

The accommodations don’t need to be perfect. A park setting is ideal. Or better yet, a family member’s home with lots of outdoor space to spread out and have the fun. Just be sure to have restroom facilities—you don’t want people having to leave.

  1. Communication:

In today’s world—that’s probably the easiest part. With email, social media, good ol’ cellphones, etc. getting the word out is easy. Facebook Messenger is a private post that gets almost immediate replies. Try it: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/facebook-messenger/id454638411?mt=8

  1. Games:

Ask a few family members to bring what they most likely already have. Corn hole set, Horseshoe, balloons for water balloon games. Whatever the game—bring it, make it fun!

  1. Food/Beverages:

2 words: HAVE PLENTY.  The Food/Beverage arrangements are NOT just for 1 person to do. Coordinate who brings what with other family members. It’s important to share in the Food/Beverage responsibility. After all, you don’t want everyone to show up with a bag of chips.


You don’t have to break the bank to get together: it’s important to be effective—but you can be thrifty as well: https://familyshare.com/how-to-plan-an-inexpensive-family-reunion?Itemid=631

Here’s a helpful link to help “get the ball rolling”: https://gatheredagain.com/

  • Don’t forget folding chairs and blankets to relax   J

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