Father’s Day Gift Ideas

June 15, 2015

Father’s Day is barreling at an alarming rate, it is on Sunday by the way.

If you are like I am and thinking that you are way behind the 8 ball on this never fear, we have a list of 5¬†gift ideas that are sure to make your dad’s day!

1. If your dad is a beer connoisseur why not sign him up for a beer of the month club? Check out the details here.

2. Help him treat his face with a gift set from the art of shaving. My husband absolutely loves getting new shaving products and would love this as a father’s day gift.Here is a great set.

3. The tie is out, and the bow tie is in! Give Dad a wooden bow tie, he will be the coolest dad on the block! See it here.

4. Is your dad a bacon lover? Who isn’t! Gift him the ability to make bacon! With a DIY Bacon Kit.

5. Here in Kentucky we love our bourbons! Give him his favorite brand of bourbon or help him branch out a bit. Here is a bourbon that he likely hasn’t had before!

No matter the gift that you decide on for your dad or the dad in your life, he is sure to love anything that comes from the heart!

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