Five Unique Halloween Costume Ideas

October 22, 2015

You guys, Halloween is just a little over a week away. If you are anything like I usually am it is a last minute scramble for costumes and candy the week leading up to Halloween! EEK! So I got to thinking about what unique costumes would be easy to throw together for the kiddos, assuming that they aren’t dead-set on being Chewbacca!

This adorable costume is enough to make you want to do laundry! It doesn’t take much skill but has a major cute factor!










Chances are you will have the clothes in the closet already for this costume!
You might just have to have snag an orange vest!










What about the Morton Salt girl? Grab a yellow dress, a black umbrella and  you are set!










What about Darla from finding Nemo? You wouldn’t even have to use a live fish unless you just really wanted to.










This iPod is sure to attract lots of attention!










There is something really fun about pulling together something from your own home with minimal expense. No matter what your ghost or goblin decides to be on the big day, it is sure to be a fun time!

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