Fun Family Activities for the Fall

September 25, 2014

Fun Family Activities for the Fall
Fall weather is a gorgeous time of year with cooler temperatures – a good time to get outside with your family and have some fun!

Picnic Time
Take everyone to a local park and have a picnic lunch. Keep it simple with sandwiches and chips, or anything that’s easy to take along and spread out on a blanket or picnic table. Some parks have playgrounds for the kids and even short trails for hiking. And if the tree leaves have started to fall, you can play in them by making leaf piles and jumping in them.

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Visit a Pumpkin Patch or Apple Orchard
Picking out a pumpkin can turn into a whole day of fun! Many pumpkin patches have family activities besides picking the perfect pumpkin. Other activities can include hay rides, corn mazes, pumpkin painting and a farmers market. Apple orchards are another family-friendly fall destination. You can pick your own apples or buy some already picked apples. For young children, these trips can be a good learning experience on the subject of “where” our food actually comes from (from farm or orchard to the grocery shelves).


Nature Walks and Bike Rides


In our part of the country, the leaves will soon be changing colors. Fall is a great time to visit a national or state park and see the beauty and explore their hiking trails. Consider carrying along some water and binoculars. Fall weather can change quickly, so be sure to wear clothing in layers. Or if you need to stay closer to home, a family bike ride around the neighborhood can be an enjoyable afternoon.

Fall Festivals
There are usually a large number of fall festivals going on now. For a listing, just do a search on your computer “fall festivals in [your town’s name]” and you’ll be delighted  with all the choices available.

Rain – No Problem


Pop some popcorn and turn it into a family movie night! Or how about organizing an indoor scavenger hunt? Play a board game. Play “I Spy”. Or, depending on the age of your children, dust off those puzzles and get busy. The point is, fall is a wonderful time to enjoy the outdoors with your family before the winter cold blows in!

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