Fun Ways to Spend Your Fourth of July

June 30, 2022

Fun Ways To Spend Your Fourth Of July Party

Independence Day is almost here. Here are some fun ways you can spend your Fourth of July.

  • Backyard barbeque. Bring out the burgers and the hot dogs. Grill up a feast for your family with this classic Fourth of July tradition.
  • Fishing. It’s been proven that fishing is good for the soul (or at least we think so). Have fun casting your rod and seeing who can get the most—or biggest—catches.
  • Tie-dye. An artsy way to spend your day. You can stick to the red, white, and blue theme or select your own colors. Experiment with patterns on anything from socks to pillowcases!
  • Pool day. Relaxing and refreshing, a pool day is perfect for cooling off.
  • Camping. Use the extra time off to plan a trip to the woods. Get off the grid and immerse yourself in nature’s beauty. Bonus points if you can spot some star constellations.
  • Make red white and blue treats. Incorporate these patriotic colors into your dishes for a fun spin. You could try dipping strawberries in colored chocolate and sprinkles or sugar cookies with red white and blue icing.
  • Water balloon fight. The competitive spirit of a water balloon fight is unmatched. A water balloon fight is the perfect way to have fun on a blazing hot day with your friends and family!
  • Lake day. Pack a bunch of snacks and spend the day at the lake where you can enjoy a fun, relaxing day.
  • Sparklers. What is the Fourth of July without sparklers!

We hope you have a fun and safe holiday—be sure to use these ideas as inspiration for how to spend your day!

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