Get Ready for madness, March Madness!

February 25, 2016

March madness is the perfect excuse to have a party! So we have come up with a few ideas to hit a slam dunk for with your  March madness guests!


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Grab a bag of cuties and start making mini basketballs with them!

Get Ready For Madness, March Madness! Ce46B1E90C2636Dd11E3Cf8C39Cd94E0

Grab a box of vanilla wafers and some edible markers (yes they make those!) color your frosting with your favorite team’s colors and make basketball sandwiches!

Get Ready For Madness, March Madness! B1C2E3A2055362D5Afd19Ffbcd3E7Ae2

Get creative with your labels! These turnovers are aptly marked as ‘turnovers’ the best part about these turnovers is that they are they kind you want to have!

Get Ready For Madness, March Madness! F751Ec14Bf2Ca8A0B21B714E6Ed922E2

Use a melon baller and a cantaloupe to create this festive look! Throw in your favorite fruit dip and your guests will really be impressed!

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