Halloween Candy Recipe Ideas!

October 29, 2014

You are going trick or treating with your kiddos.

Now what do you do with all of the candy?


Don’t worry there are other options out there other than eating it yourself. However, if chowing down on it yourself once the kids are in bed is your preferred way to go, have at it!

There are a few recipes that stand out to me that might just start a new tradition in your family. Sadly none of these recipes tell you what to do with the candy no one wants, these are all recipes that require you to save the ‘good candy.’

First up: Snickers Apple Salad 

ImageKeep in mind we are probably stretching the use of the word salad here…



My personal favorite cookie, Monster Cookies!



What about this gem? I haven’t ever made it myself but it looks amazing!

Java Twix Banana Bread!


Whatever you decide to do with your leftovers (if you have any!) we are sure it will be awesome!

Sometimes you have to be sneaky if your kids are anything like mine and mentally inventory every.single.piece.

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