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October 24, 2019

We know.. you can’t believe Halloween is already here and you’re looking for costumes you can make at home right?! With busy lives, kids, animals, jobs and everything in between, Taylor Homes knows that sometimes improvising for Halloween costumes at home is the BEST way to get a clever, cost-effective and quick costume for Halloween.

Still not sure where to start with your DIY at home costume? See a couple examples of great costumes you may be able to whip up right at home!

  • Superhero: If you had a super power, what would it be?! All you need for this costume is a simple face mask and cape. You can make it with accessories from household items (sleeping mask, robe, etc.). Who knew picking your super powers could be so fun?!
  • Witch: This one sounds more intimidating than it actually is – all you really need is a black dress/outfit and a hat to match! Feel free to decorate with accents of purple, green or orange for a truly “witchy” feel. Oh, and don’t forget the broom.
  • Prince/Princess: We all have that one pink dress that we’re really not sure what to do with.. Or that fancy vest that’s been in your closet for years. Well, this is the time for those things to shine! Being a prince or princess is easy with a few accessories like watches, necklaces, earrings, etc. Don’t forget a crown if you have one laying around!
  • Sleepyhead: Do we even have to dress up for this one?! Basically, get your robe, some PJ pants and maybe a cup of hot tea and you’re already there (or maybe you just look like your average self). This one is almost too easy.
  • Lumberjack: We know you’re probably wearing a flannel as we speak (fall classic). So, just tuck it in to some classic blue jeans, get your beard growing and grab your Brawny paper towel roll to accent the look. No axe required!

Halloween is a great holiday for getting creative. So, don’t be afraid to dress it up and so enjoy the night! Subscribe to our blog and reach out to Taylor Homes if you’d like to start your dream home (where you can make all the DIY things) today!

Halloween Costumes You Can Make At Home (Diy) | Taylor Homes Waithc Halloween Costumes You Can Make At Home (Diy) | Taylor Homes Super Hero Halloween Costumes You Can Make At Home (Diy) | Taylor Homes Lumberjack

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