Happy Thanksgiving! The holiday season is finally here and we hope everyone is having a wonderful time with family and friends. During this season we are feeling thankful for this year and thankful for what’s to come.

We love hearing about different ways that you can share what you’re thankful for, here are some of our favorite ideas for this year:

  • DIY Placemats – Create placemats out of brown paper and take a black marker and write “I am thankful for” on one corner of the paper. Leave room for each person to write what their thankful for and share them before or during your thanksgiving meal. (idea from firstforwomen.com)




  • Thanksgiving Pumpkin – Do you still have a pumpkin around from Halloween? Use white paint to paint the pumpkin, then take a black marker and write, “What are you thankful for” on it. Place this on your table or at the entryway at your thanksgiving party and encourage your guests to share. You can read all of the messages on the pumpkin after dinner. (idea from Good Housekeeping)


What are you thankful for most this year? Leave your comments below and let us know! Happy Holidays!

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