Ideas for a Spooky Fun Halloween

October 15, 2015

I am a room mom at my child’s school. In an effort for full disclosure I signed up because no one else did. I have to admit I was a little nervous thinking about the task of entertaining 27 children who are 6 and 7 years old. My trusty sidekick Pintrest came to the rescue once again. I will let you have a sneak peek into what I am planning to do for the party!




Check out the cute pumpkins! They are made with cuties (you can grab a big bag of them for $5) and a little sliver of celery for the stem. This picture also has ghosts made out of bananas but I am worried about the bananas turning brown. So I am skipping that.



These cupcakes are appealing to the eye but they are fairly easy to make. Spread some orange or black icing on and the opposite color M&M and you are all set!


As far as games are concerned I like to keep them as low key as possible since we are after all, in a classroom and things can feel overwhelming if the kids get too excited!

CandycornThe first game that we are doing is a guessing game, the children guess how many candy corn/plastic spiders are in a jar. The closest guesser gets to take the jar home.

Halloween Bingo: This game is one that my son’s teacher wanted to play and she has all of the supplies already. That was very nice of her to pitch in like that.

Mummy pumpkins, this is a great alternative to painting or carving which can get messy! Plus I think they are super cute! 2013-10-03_Kisster-No-Carve-Pumpkins-Mummy-Pumpkin

Tell us! Are you planning a Halloween party? What do you have on the agenda?




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