Ideas to make your Super Bowl super!

January 26, 2015



Everyone knows that football’s last hurrah for the year happens during the Super Bowl. Not everyone knows how to  throw the best super bowl party possible. We can help you with that!


Make sure your TV is the optimal TV viewing size.
Experts recommend a 46 inch TV as the minimum size. To get the perfect size TV, you should sit 1.5 times the  diagonal measurement of your TV. This means if you sit six-feet from your TV, 46-inches or so is good. Keep that in  mind when picking a TV, you will want to make sure that your space can house a TV that large.

 Invite a wide variety of guests:
This isn’t your family holiday party. The super bowl is supposed to be loud and fun! Invite everyone from your frat buddies to your crazy Aunt Kathy. Who knows, everyone might leave with new friends!

There is more to life than just beer:
Get creative with your cocktails! Not everyone likes beer, make sure you have something for everyone.
Take a look at these recipes from Pintrest:
12th Man Mojito
Seahawks Super Bowl Cocktail
Patriots Fan Cocktail
New England Patriots Cranberry Almond Kicker

Serve some fun food!
If you enjoy hosting parties as much as we do, the super bowl is your time to shine. Pintrest is your best friend in this regard.
These are some of our favorite ideas:
You can’t go wrong with a nacho bar!
Baked Brown Sugar Chicken Wings
Peanut Butter Football Cookies
Snickers Apple Bites


Have a great party and make sure that the footballs are properly inflated 🙂

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