Interest Rates – September

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Most people have heard the following phrases: “now is the time to buy”, “interest rates are low, act now!” Take a look at the interest rates as provided by Wells Fargo and the National Home-Builders Association. Keep in mind that these change on a daily basis and most likely won’t be the same if you log in to check them yourself.

To provide a comparison:
Conforming land in October of 1990 rates were 9.91% for a 15 year loan and 10.24% for a 30 year rate.
Today’s Mortgage Rates
30-Year Fixed: 4.000% – APR 4.025%
30-Year Fixed FHA: 4.625% – APR 5.670%
15-Year Fixed: 3.250% – APR 3.356%
7-Year ARM: 3.625% – APR 3.873%
*These rates are a snapshot from Wells Fargo.*
The National Home Builders Association provides a valuable resource to those people who are considering building a home.

While interest rates have started to climb back up from 2 or so years ago, the current market conditions still are very favorable for those who are seriously considering a major decision such as building their own dream home.

It might be time to start taking notes when you hear people say: “now is the time to build” or “you better act now before it’s too late!”

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