10 Fun Labor Day Activities

August 26, 2021

10 Fun Labor Day Activies

Soak Up the Last Moments of Summer This Labor Day Weekend!

Say farewell to summer—Labor Day is on the horizon. Time to soak up the last bright rays of the season while you can.

Parting ways with summer is always hard, but Labor Day weekend is a great time to embrace the last fun-filled days of the season. Maybe there’s been a trip you’ve been wanting to take, or maybe you’ve been meaning to hang out with your friends. Below, you’ll find the 10 most enjoyable activities you can partake in on Labor Day weekend. 

Take a Road Trip

Take the long weekend to travel to a city you’ve never been to. Hop in the car and drive with a few of your closest friends on a fun adventure.

Hit the Shops

Get all of your fall and winter essentials and make the most of great deals you can typically find on this holiday.

Host a Cookout

Grab the burgers, buns, and your best pals. End the summer in smoke and heat with some delicious grilled veggies and meats.

Decorate Your Front Porch for Fall

Design a fall-themed wreath to hang on your door. Bust out all of your autumn decorations and get your family to help you. 

Tackle a House Project

Are there any DIY projects you’ve been wanting to start? Perhaps a cluttered closet you’ve been putting off? Take this extended weekend to get your life and home in order.

Set Up Camp in the Backyard

Who says you have to travel to enjoy the great outdoors? Use your imagination—and your backyard instead! Plus, you won’t have to lug around heavy camping equipment too far.

Fire Up Some Labor Day S’mores

S’mores are the ultimate summer treat. As the day winds down, get the ingredients together or put your own special twist on this classic dessert. Spark up the fire and get roastin’ for a warm and tasty evening. 

Set Up a Pretty Backyard Picnic

Enjoy the last of this beautiful weather to eat a meal outside. Bring a blanket, sunscreen, and bug spray. And don’t forget to pack your favorite food!

Go for a Dip

Find a body of water near you, or, if you’re lucky, your own swimming pool. Cool off from the hot sun and enjoy a relaxing paddle in the water. 

Host a Movie Night

Save a few bucks on movie tickets and invite all of your cinephile friends to watch movies together at your house. Pop some popcorn and indulge your sweet tooth with some candy.

Enjoy Your Weekend!

There are plenty of ways to use the extra day off and take advantage of the warmer weather. Figure out what sounds most exciting to you, and get to planning!

Thanks to all of our amazing employees who work so hard to make Taylor Homes successful. We hope you enjoy your day off!

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