Labor Day Party Ideas!

August 20, 2015

Can you believe that Labor Day is just around the corner? Yeah, neither can I.

Labor Day unofficially marks the end of summer, it also celebrates the achievement of working Americans across our nation.

With Labor Day comes lots of fun activities and we are here to tell you all about them!

In my family we really enjoy any excuse to get friends together for a barbecue. If I had it my way someone else would host it and I would just bring lots of food!

Grab your best Red, White and Blue decor and let’s get started!

Start with patriotic decor, it doesn’t have to be anything fancy or expensive. Here are some cute ideas:

Red White BlueDecorJar


When we throw a party we say “Hey! We’ll provide the meat” burgers, steaks, hot dogs whatever. Just bring a yummy side or dessert. Your get together is about fellowship and quality time, not about the amount of money that you spent at the grocery.

Here are some side dish ideas if you decide to go that route.

FruitFruit Kabobs Skewers, are easy and pretty! Don’t worry if you don’t want to take the time to make the watermelon stars, it will be just as pretty with cubes.



Italian Pasta Salad, this pasta salad is easy to make (as most are) get creative with the ingredients that you put into the Pasta Saladdish. Try pepperoni, or olives, or mozzarella cubes the list can go on and on. Add some Italian dressing and you are golden!

No party is complete with out a tasty dessert, while there is usually no shortage of sweet treats being brought to a party I always like to make one or two. Desserts are easy and not to mention fun to make, which is probably why there are so many that show up at a get together.

This dessert is very pretty, and only requires 3 ingredients: strawberries, blueberries, and cool whip (or whipped cream) Start layering and in Layered Fruit.minutes you will have a very pretty dessert. Not to mention pretty healthy!

Layeredpop4-1These layered popsicles are visually pleasing not to mention fairly simple to make. Check out the recipe here.

No matter what you decide to make for your Labor Day celebration, the time spent with friends and family will make the party complete and worth the extra effort!


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