Life Hacks Around Your Home

March 10, 2014

Before you throw away those little things that seem meaningless right now, you might want to save them. You never know when that plastic bag, regular vinegar, or your paper clips might come in handy. But they just might. The truth is, there are many every day household items that can be repurposed or reused around your house. Here are some life hacks to use for your home.


  1. Do you wonder where to put all of your bathroom towels? A wine rack can double as a nice towel holder in the bathroom. Simply roll the towels and stack them on the rack.
  2. Old doorknobs might seem useless, but they can be used as fancy coat hangers in your hallway.
  3. Painting polka dots on walls can take a lot of precision and time. If you have an old laundry basket, cut it up and use it to stencil and paint polka dots to the wall.
  4. When you leave the house you might not always remember your keys. But it can be a little unsafe hiding your key in the usual spot (under the mat). Hide your key in an old medicine bottle and glue a pine cone to the top. Bury the pine cone in front of your house so you always have a spare key in the event that you forget your key.
  5. After rearranging furniture you often have to deal with the indentations in the carpet. Take a few ice cubes from the freezer and place in the indentation. It should clear it right up.
  6. A squeegee is not just helpful in cleaning your windows. It can take pet hair off your carpet.
  7. Fumbling for the right key in the dark is a frustrating thing. Use your nail polish to differentiate your keys.


Now that you know that those little things might actually be useful in the future, think twice before you toss it in the trash. You never know when you might need it.

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