There’s No Place Like Home (Mom)

May 10, 2019

There’s pretty much only one other thing that’s more “home” than a custom Taylor Home – and that’s mom. Just like your house, your mom has been there for you through it all. Your first job promotion, your first break up, your first child or whatever else it may be. This Mother’s Day, give your mom what she really wants, more quality time spent with her loved ones (you).

Here are a few unique ways to spend time with your mom for this Mother’s Day:

  • Open the photo album – You know, that old dusty photo album with what now seem to be prehistoric, printed photos? Spend time with my mom by looking through old photo albums and asking if she remembers the scenes from the photos.
  • Story Telling – Ask mom to tell you a story about when you were younger. Maybe she can recall a story of mischief that you caused in your younger years? These stories will be sure to get you and your family laughing, or crying.
  • Listen to music – There are bound to be tunes that get your memory jogging of special times with your mom. Music is a bonding experience! Reaching back in time to remember a song that was special to you and your mom is a great way to reconnect those memories again.

No matter what you do with your mom on Mother’s Day, make sure you remind her how special she really is. After all, there’s no place like home (mom).

Can’t spent time with your mom this Mother’s Day? Send her a gift instead! Use inspiration from Uncommon Goods to find the right one.

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