Olympic Viewing Party Ideas

August 18, 2016

As the 2016 Summer Olympics near the end, this weekend would be a great time to host a viewing party to cheer on your country of choice. It’s an even better excuse to have family and friends over for some fun and entertainment! I know it didn’t take long to persuade you, so here are some ideas to complete your party.

Food– We all know the first thought when planning a party is food of course. The guests are also very concerned about the food, so it’d be a good idea that your options match the theme.

Cupcake cones topped with orange/yellow icing to look like torches!


*Cue the Olympic theme song*


Pretzels dipped in icing and coated with sprinkles to match any color scheme.

And don’t forget the drink. This will only work if each drink has different concentrations of sugar.
Click here for instructions


Decorations– After the food is complete, next you would want to think about decorations. You don’t have to go all out. If all you want are plates, napkins, and a table cloth that’s great. Get your country’s colors or the colors of the Olympic logo and go. If you want a little more, here are some ideas.




And lastly, host your own games! Improvise and think of fun ways to create some of the games right inside (or outside) your home. Ring toss, gymnastics, basketball, soccer, track and field. Compete to see who takes home the gold!

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