One Week Before Christmas Checklist

December 17, 2020

The holidays can be a stressful time – creating checklists can help relieve that stress and make the week before Christmas more manageable!

Taylor Homes has a One Week Before Christmas Checklist for you!


Brainstorm a comprehensive list of all the fun activities or traditions you want to experience!

A Few Bucket List Ideas:

  • Ride around to look at lights
  • Create a “Polar Express” experience (with pajamas, hot chocolate, and all the essentials)
  • Make food for Santa’s reindeer
  • Day of Christmas baking
  • Watch Hallmark/family Christmas movies
  • Go to see a new movie in theaters
  • Take your family to ice skate
  • Read ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas


Make a list of treats, gather your recipes, and plan when you’ll be in the kitchen, getting in the spirit. Will your goodies be for family only? Used as gifts? You don’t want Christmas Eve to sneak up and realize you never got around to it.


Create your menus for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Plan for a meal of appetizers on Christmas Eve, pastries/muffins Christmas morning and then a dinner of your favorite holiday dishes.


If you can devote a few minutes to wrapping gifts as you get them, you won’t be faced with the stressful, daunting task to tackle them all at once the day before Christmas!


Find ways to love on each other – both neighbors and strangers. Whether it’s sponsoring a child for Christmas, volunteering your time at a local nonprofit, working on the church nativity, or even offering small acts of kindness to those you meet/see out, in the hustle and bustle of it all, make it a priority to do something to make someone else’s season a little brighter.

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