Prepare Your Home For Spring

April 21, 2022

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The weather is finally starting to warm up and feel like spring! Flowers are blooming and birds are chirping which also means the dreaded spring cleaning for most of us. Spring has been deemed the season that we declutter and do maintenance on our homes. Spring brings fresh, new ideas, and warmth. But it also brings the chance to get your home ready for brighter, warmer days. Here are seven tips to prepare your home for spring.

  1. Have your air conditioner inspected now before it starts warming too much. It will cost more to have it serviced the closer you get to summer, so this will save you money and ensure that your home is ready to be cooled for those hot summer months.[1]
  2. The cold winter can take its toll on windows and doors. Check all of your windows outside for cracks. You can replace weather stripping or caulk as needed.[2]
  3. Check your roof for loose shingles or soft patches before the spring storms start. Severe weather can make existing roof problems worse.
  4. Switch the direction of your ceiling fans to counterclockwise.
  5. With spring comes “spring cleaning”. It can be daunting at times, so create a spring cleaning plan. Deep cleaning upholstery and carpets should be the first priority. Dust likes to collect in the stuffiness of winter.
  6. Cleaning can sometimes cause toxins to build up from the cleaning solutions. Open your windows often.
  7. Pruning back your bushes before they are overgrown from the spring rain will help protect your other plants from overgrowth. [3]

With the weather starting to warm up preparing for spring is becoming easier. A little planning can help you accomplish everything you need to get your home ready for those long-awaited warmer temperatures. And while it takes a little work on the front end, when you are enjoying your home in the nice, spring months you will know that it was all worth it.

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