Pumpkins Are Not Just For Carving Jack-0-Lanterns

September 17, 2015

Getting creative with pumpkins is fun…and you just may end up with great seasonal decor and some unique dishes!

Candle holder: Take a small or miniature pumpkin and remove the stem. You can snap it off or cut it off, but make sure that the top is smooth or evenly indented. Place a votive candle where the stem used to be. Try grouping several together or spreading them across the center of the table to create the illusion of a glowing runner.

Place Cards: Mini pumpkins make fun place cards or place card holders. You can write directly on the pumpkins or tie the names of guests to the stems with ribbon.

Seeds for Kid Stuff: You can use pumpkin seeds to make fun projects with your kids. Color the seeds with markers and glue them on paper to create 3-dimensional flower petals and tree leaves. Or use the seeds as a fun tool to practice counting, addition and subtraction.

Vase: Cut a hole in the top of a larger pumpkin and clean out the pulp and seeds. Place a bowl or glass inside, filled with water. Insert and arrange fall flower or branches. Make sure the bottoms of the flowers are submerged in the water. Now you have a unique fall centerpiece!

Body cream: Slather yourself in a luscious DIY pumpkin body butter made of pumpkin puree, coconut milk and cinnamon. It is as good for your skin as it is for your senses.

Cooking: Pumpkin pies and bread are delicious, but try thinking beyond the norm. Make pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin ravioli or maybe a pumpkin smoothie.

As one of the most popular crops in the United States–there are a whopping 1.5 billion pounds of pumpkins produced each year–it’s no wonder we have found so many ways to use this wonder of the fruit kingdom!

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