Road Trip “Tool Kit” – Remember to Pack These Items For a Safe, Fun Trip!

June 17, 2014


Whether you are driving long hours or for days across country, here are some items that will keep a carload of travelers happy, safe and comfortable.

Travel Apps

If you have an iPhone, iPad, Android, etc. you’ll find a smorgasbord of travel applications at your fingertips. You’ll have efficient GPS access, as well as apps that help you find everything from great places to eat and hotels to parks and other points of interest.

Playlist and Audio Books

Don’t forget to take your favorite tunes along to make the trip more enjoyable! Also audio books from the library are a good idea. Kids and adults alike can enjoy tales like The Chronicles of Narnia or Harry Potter.

Car Chargers

Bring a travel charger for your cell phone and other electronic devices.

Spare keys

Don’t get locked out! Keys can get lost as well, so pack a duplicate set of car (and house) keys in a separate bag (even if you have to call a locksmith to open the car, you’ll be able to drive when it’s unlocked) or give a spare set to a travel buddy.


There are two strategies with car food – bring crumb-free, non-greasy, non-gooey foods like baby carrots, grapes and sandwiches – or pack favorite “treat” foods like chips, crackers and nuts as a “reward” for being good travelers. You could also pack a picnic lunch to enjoy at a roadside rest area.

Travel Games

Fight off boredom among passengers by packing some travel games. There are a variety of travel size games out there, such as travel Bingo and travel Scrabble.  Cards and word games are good choices as well.

Paper Products

Pack paper towels, toilet paper (you never know w/rest areas!), tissues, and some garbage bags.

First Aid Kit & Breakdown Supplies

Items like Band-Aids, anti-bacterial cream, and motion sickness medicine should be included in a plastic bag for the nicks and aches that often come with road trips.  Also double check your trunk for a complete roadside emergency kit, including flashlight and fresh batteries.


Everyone gets sleepy on a road trip.

Good Attitude

Good attitude always makes road trips better! That includes the driver(s).  And if you are prepared, and your car has been properly checked over (tires, windshield wipers, oil, air conditioning) – then, as Willie Nelson puts it – you are ready to get “On the Road Again”.



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