Spring Break Fun in Kentucky!

March 31, 2016

Spring Break is upon us! We have some fun ideas for ways to get away with your family and forget about homework for a while!

On the top of the list is Smothers Park, it has fountains which put on a show every 15 minutes; it also has a waterfall. Playgrounds, a spray park and snack stands are also found on its premises. The best part? It is free to use the playground!

Slow the pace down a bit at the Western Kentucky Botanical Garden, in addition to the beautiful garden that you will see they also have a big bug exhibit. Which consists of metal sculptures of various species of bugs.

The Edge Ice Arena is also a great choice for burning off some steam. I don’t know about you but ice skating is much more appealing to me when it isn’t below zero outside!

Why not try head to Andria’s Candies for an afternoon treat? This candy shop has been around since 1959 and I am sure has something that will satisfy your sweet tooth!

While you are there make sure you check out the world’s largest sassafras tree. Rumor is that it was going to be bulldozed and an old lady with a shotgun saved it!

Here are some tips for the Lexington area:

First on the list is The Kentucky Horse Park, with the rolling hills of Kentucky and the beautiful countryside you have to make a stop here. You can see various exhibits and even pay for your kiddos to hop on a pony for a short ride!

Why not stop in for a visit at the Aviation Museum of Kentucky? My husband could spend the entire day at a place like this!

The Explorium in Lexington is an incredibly hands on museum that encourages kids to touch the exhibits.

Kids Place adventure playground is a great place for you to take your kiddos to get their wiggles out. From an indoor play area to an arcade where you can earn tickets to cash in for prizes it is a sure bet!

Feel up for a round of mini golf? The Lexington Ice Center offers not only ice skating as the name implies but they also feature mini golf.

The Salato Wildlife Education Center is also a great bet for families. You can see animals up close and personal in this park. It is pretty amazing!

What about a game of outdoor laser tag? For my claustrophobic and outside game is a huge improvement on the indoor game.

If you head to Northern Kentucky we have some ideas:

The Newport Levee is a setting that really makes you feel like you have gotten away to somewhere much further away. You could have a whole day just a the levee. Between the Newport Aquarium, bowling at Axis Alley, you can grab lunch at Dewey’s Pizza, or Tom + Chee.

If you have been there done that with and are looking for something beyond the Newport Levee, never fear we have ideas for that too.

You can head to Stringtown Park to let your little ones run off energy! Exploring new and awesome playgrounds in the different towns that we visit is always a highlight. This park is located in Florence.

If you have older kids, check out Ollie’s Skatepark, the best part it is an indoor skate park so weather won’t be raining on your parade. See what I did there?

You could always stay in the Howard Johnson, they feature theme suites and and indoor pool with a waterfall! Just know it is kitschy.

For the train lover in your group, head over to The Railway Museum just be sure to pack appropriate shoes because the majority of the museum is outside.

Where you you think that you will end up for Spring Break?

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