Spring Break Staycation Ideas

March 31, 2017

Monday starts spring break for most of Louisville, and at this point if you don’t already have plans you are more than likely going on a staycation! Staycations can be just as fun as a real vacation if you do it right. We have some tips for you.

When in doubt, camp out in the back yard! This was a favorite memory of mine as a child. I loved being at home, but with the feeling of being elsewhere. It’s not often all of the kids and parents get to cohabitate in a 7×7 area (because we’d all go crazy!), so every once in a while, it’s fun to get together in a different way. Grab all the pillows and blankets, your favorite board games, a lantern and make yourself at home, outside your home!

Go on a picnic. Choose your favorite park in the city and plan a fun day with fun food. Get the kids involved and have everyone make something different. A fruit salad, sandwiches, a pasta salad, and maybe a dessert. When the weather is nice, there’s nothing more refreshing than a picnic in the park!

Dust off those bicycles. Spring has just arrived a few weeks ago, so those dusty bicycles from winter may still be put away. It’s a perfect time to get them out and plan a ride! This could be fun on the day of the picnic or another day with a different park! Since it is spring break, getting out of the house is the number one goal. It’s fun for everyone!

Dress up and plan a play. Even if your kids don’t like to perform, getting out some of your old clothes from back in the day could be fun for everyone! They will enjoy seeing how fashion has changed, and seeing some of the things you use to wear! If they do like to perform, then plan a play, let them have full creative control and see what they come up with.

Plan a block party! If there are others in your neighborhood planning a staycation for the week, get together and host a block party for all. Have a barbeque, plan some fun outdoor games, and see both the kids and adults have fun.

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