Spring Clean Your Yard

March 30, 2022

Winter has melted and it’s time to get your yard ready to take on the beauty of spring and get ready for all of that new luscious growth!

Spring Yard Cleaning Check list:

  1. Prune dead and damaged branches to allow for new buds.
  2. Clean dead leaves out of flower beds and from around trees and bushes.
  3. Spread fertilizer tailored to existing plantings on the soil’s surface so that spring rains can carry it to the roots.
  4. Add a 5-10-10 fertilizer around bulbs as soon as they flower to maximize bloom.
  5. Use pins to fasten drip irrigation lines that have come loose and a square-head shovel to give beds a clean edge and keep turf grass from growing into them.
  6. Cut back and divide perennials as needed.
  7. Seed damaged lawn areas.
  8. Rake escaped gravel back into any gravel areas.
  9. Use a pressure washer to clean patios, walkways, etc.
  10. Clean and paint porches, lattice, and fences.

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