Taylor Homes Celebrates 60 Years

February 22, 2018

For 65 years Taylor Homes has been delivering quality, custom built homes to families in Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, and Illinois. To celebrate 6 decades, we are sharing a peek into what makes us successful. This year we will be showcasing the extensive services and products that we provide, and the companies we partner with, through social media engagement opportunities. Each month of this year will bring a different theme to our social media pages that reflects the Taylor Homes experience.

“We’re proud of our successful 60-year history in the home building business,” said Chris Taylor, President and CEO of Taylor Homes. “Building a home with and for our customers is a very personal experience and we take pride in working day in and day out to deliver the best home, value and experience for them. We look forward to sharing on social media more about our process, team, floorplans, and even some vintage photos and special memories from our long and successful history.”

At Taylor Homes, we have a keen understanding of the value of our customers’ hard working dollar and a respect for their budgets. We are proud to be known for affordable, quality brick “Energy Smart’ homes that deliver high resale values and savings on monthly utilities. We offer our customers 100+ different flexible designs, along with 1,000’s of options to choose from. When your home is complete, we deliver fully furnished interiors including customer selected colors and styles on everything from roof shingles to brick, carpet, and kitchen countertops.

“We’re grateful for 6 decades of trusted partnership with our clients and vendors. We look forward to many more years of providing quality homes in the markets we proudly serve,” added Taylor.

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