Thanksgiving Games at Home

November 17, 2016

We are all excited here at Taylor Homes for Thanksgiving one week from today! Being with family and friends and enjoying a feast while remembering the reasons we all come together is special. If you’re staying at your own home or celebrating at another’s; home games are always a good idea to keep everyone from boredom and create some fun!  We have some ideas for you.

Turkey Bowling
This one is fun because you can get creative and afterwards play a game! First start with plastic cups, construction paper and glue (brown cups are more relatable, but any color will work!). You can also draw on eyes or use googly eyes if you’re really feeling crafty. Give each kid a cup and use the construction paper to create a turkey. Stack the cups and get rolling 🙂 

Turkey Feather Hunt
Incorporate hide-n-seek and Thanksgiving together in one game and you have turkey feather hunt! Make construction paper feathers or buy the feathers at your nearest craft store. Hide the feathers in a given room or rooms and have guests look for each one. (Now thinking about it, this is more like Easter and Thanksgiving in 1)!

Thanksgiving Pictionary
This one is obviously the original Pictionary game with a Thanksgiving twist. Use a mason jar and Popsicle sticks to write different Thanksgiving words. Example words would be scarecrow, turkey, autumn, leaf, etc., and write them at the bottom of the stick. Place them in the Mason jar, split into teams and each person will draw the word on a sketchpad or chalk board. Losing team has to set the table 😉

Leave your own suggestions in the comments and if you used any of ours, let us know how it went!

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