The Perfect “Man Cave” + The Rise of “She Shed” Popularity

September 20, 2018

Everyone needs a place to just relax; where there’s a place for everything and everything is wherever you want it to be. The man cave is a man’s sanctuary where anything goes, and the She Shed is the perfect place for women to have their own unique space. Having a theme for these spaces makes it that much more appealing, and gives you the option to open it up for entertaining. Here are some great design ideas for men and women who are all for the man cave and she shed.

The Pub

The best spot for this is the basement or garage. Pubs are a little darker, think cherry woods or even wood stained black. Stick a bar in there and some eccentric posters and enjoy your own little pub.

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For the more sophisticated man who likes clean lines and nightcaps, Sinatra is the way to go. Set up a scotch or bourbon station to bring it all together.

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Art Room

When you need to take a break from a busy, hectic day, this art room inspired she shed is the perfect place to go. It is a great space for drawing inspiration and keeping all of your art supplies in one designated area.

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Sports Zone

All of that team memorabilia you don’t want all over your house or packed away, put it in the man cave. Set up a space just primed for the big game. Have a small fridge and cabinet space for snacks, beers, and soda. Maybe even consider decking the area out with several televisions to avoid having to change those channels.

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Modern Billiards

Keep it simple and stick a pool table, a couch, and a TV in your man cave. What else do you really need?

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For the woman that loves to spend time outside gardening, this garden themed she shed it perfect. A shed is already a fantastic place to keep all of your gardening tools, so why not create a beautiful she shed that has a floral, garden theme?

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